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bocad 2023.3

March 05, 2023

Dear bocad Customers and Friends,


It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the bocad version 2023.3, 3rd update of bocad version 2023 by Schuller & Company. In this newsletter you will find the main information about this version.


Since last week, the website is online !


I invite you to consult its 1st draft and provide us with your feedback. We want to add a gallery of projects and highlight your achievements on this site, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to feature some of your projects and success stories.


The version is now available on the website :


We have taken great care to ensure that this version is of quality and meets your expectations. This update contains a large number of fixes and improvements. We invite you to install it as soon as possible !


Here is the non-exhaustive list of new features and improvements:

  • Change in the Create Profiles and Create Flat Contour dialog boxes, the Generate as leading part option and new option to generate comments are now possible and available directly in front page.

  • Open-GL view:

       Ability to set background colour as well as edge colour

       Possibility to use the colour gradient for the background as in other views.

  • Colour cascade, Auto colour:

New possibility to define the starting pen, the last used and an increment (example here it starts at 22, increment of 2 and ends at 38).

Also possible on 4 new attributes: Quality, Execution class, Batch, Area.

      The accel.def file defining keyboard shortcuts can now be placed in the client config. This allows in        case of customization of keyboard shortcuts to keep this customization in the client.

  • The size of the pick cursor icon can be customized.

  • 50 additional automatic connections and tools

We invite you to consult the Release Letter as well as the User Bulletin describing in more detail the new features, both available on the website Releases,


A very large number of small corrections have been made thanks to the feedback of the many users who have started using the 2023 version.


Do not forget that we organize group or personalized trainings on the 2023 version.

Contact me to find out more and schedule a day ! It's always beneficial !


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or request for information. Our Team is at your disposal to help you !



S&C bocad Team

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