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The SCHULLER&Company team

About us

40 years of bocad

40 years of bocad

The bocad team is a balanced mix of "bocad veterans" with many years of experience in research and development as well as young developers, civil engineers with expertise in timber construction, glass construction, concrete, steel and metal.  In addition, employees for licences, marketing, finance, accounting and personnel ensure that business runs smoothly. The international sales team is the first point of contact for the customer base all over the world.

The bocad team is a balanced mix of bocad veterans

The Team SCHULLER&Company

We stand for qualities such as expertise, innovation, problem solving, customer service, teamwork and continuous learning and improvement.
We see ourselves as an international family, open in exchange at eye level and accepting personal values.


SCHULLER&Company GmbH supports companies from a wide range of industries on the path to digitalisation with a focus on data and document management and their visualisation. For this purpose, SCHULLER&Company offers a portfolio for digital twins in construction as well as in industrial plant engineering. The company, based in Eschborn near Frankfurt/M., was founded in 2018 by Helmut Schuller. The team consists of highly experienced engineers with extensive professional expertise from engineering and software companies. With a deep understanding of processes and technology, the business processes, project delivery methods, data benefits and data migrations of customers are significantly improved.

About bocad

Development of a 3D model "CADBAU3" for steel construction at University of Bochum Delivery of the first CAM modules
Single-part drawing program
First NC postprocessors

First commercial installation of CADBAU3

Foundation of bocad Software GmbH
Renaming of CADBAU3 to bocad-3D
User Interface interactive version
bocad-3D for timber construction

bocad-3D Roof & Wall
bocad-3D Glass 
bocad-3D Tower
First PC version of bocad-3D

Presentation of the new bocad-3D Roof & Wall module
Start of the IFC interface 
First CNC connection in metal construction
bocad-3D Expert Steel

Focus on IFC interface and user interface
bocad is extended to include bar and plate nesting
Introduction of the imperial system of measurement 

bocad is part of SCHULLER&Company
Launch of new UI with SmartSelect

Agencies in Bochum (Germany), Liège (Belgium), Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Sales partners in the Netherlands, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia

Our values

We are an owner-managed medium-sized company driven by our values:


Partnership-based customer relation and international sales

User meetings - continuous development through direct dialogue

Respectful and familiar relationship at eye level between clients and team



Quality and diligence in  development

Experienced and long-term employees 


In ourselves and our team

In our customers

In our partners


Continuous development

Competent engineers for all disciplines

Visionary team


Future-oriented & sustainable actions 

State of the art work technology

Individual development and continuing education

Owner & CEO

Helmut Schuller Founder & CEO

Helmut Schuller starts his company SCHULLER&Company GmbH as owner and CEO in July 2018. Since the beginning, he has been responsible for strategy, sales, finance, and HR, as well as orienting the company towards expansion and growth.

With his outstanding team, forward-looking ideas, and concepts, he wants to set standards in the market and create solutions for the individual needs of customers in structural engineering, industrial and plant construction.
His many years of experience in industrial and plant engineering, as well as his knowledge of the software industry, enable rapid growth as a consultant and solution provider in the field of engineering and for the creation of digital twins.

Helmut Schuller has 35 years of experience in industrial and plant engineering as well as in the software industry. He began his career as a mechanical engineer at an Austrian plant engineering company.
This was followed in 1987 by a position as consultant and technician at an international American software company with a focus on industry and plant engineering. In 2000, as Head of Technology and Marketing Europe, he moved to ALIAS GmbH in Munich, where he was responsible for sales in the design and automotive sectors.

In 2004, Schuller took over the management of AVEVA GmbH in Germany and developed AVEVA first into the German-speaking and then the international market leader in plant engineering. In 2012 he acquired the German software company bocad on behalf of AVEVA Ltd and from then on was responsible for worldwide sales.​

When Schneider Electric acquired a majority stake in AVEVA in 2017, Helmut Schuller decided to set up his own company.

Our Partners

SRAVANI infotech & hr solutuions together
Integrated Steel Solutions
buhren consulting
Liemar erp Staalconstructie-Software
CIC Technology and Consultancy
Piranti Sarana Technologi
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Industry Memberships

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